thd2 deluxe edition
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THD2 Deluxe Edition Available Now, Features ’96’ From 2pac Biopic

EDI DON The Hope Dealer, Part 2 Deluxe Edition featuring 3 bonus song including '96' featured on the 2pac All Eyez On Me biopic ...
hard copies
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The Hope Dealer Part 2 Autographed Hard Copies, 3 Bonus Songs

Autographed hard copies of The Hope Dealer Part 2 by EDI Don available exclusively to O4L Online and features 3 unreleased songs ...
the hope dealer
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EDI DON The Hope Dealer 2 Release Date, Track list, Front & Back Covers

EDI Don second solo album The Hope Dealer PT 2 release date, track list, official front & back cover. Dreams official music video off The Hope Dealer PT 2 ...