"You know what, you're right, I am crazy, but you know what else, I don't give a f***" - Bishop

Juice was released on January 17, 1992. The film was director by Ernest R. Dickerson with starring cast that consisted of Tupac Shakur as Roland Bishop, Jermaine Hopkins as Eric “Steel” Porter, Khalil Kain as Raheem Porter and Omar Epps as Quincy “Q” Powell.

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"What you know about control, big chops? What you ever control?" - Bishop

Juice also featured star studded roles and cameos such as En Vogue’s Cindy Herron as Yolanda, Queen Latifah as Ruffhouse MC, Doctor Dre and Ed Lover as contest judges, Samu L. Jackson as Trip, Fab Five as himself and Vinent Laresca as Radames.

Cameo appearances from Treach of Naught By Nature who plays one of Radames’ homie and Donald Faison plays a student.

Juice opening week ranks #2 with $8,085,915.

"I control my life" - Steel

On June 6, 2017 a special edition for the 25th anniversary of Juice was released and include special features such as interviews and behind the scenese footage.

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Juice made $20,146,880 in total from 1,100 theaters.

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Demetrius Shipp, father of Demetrius Shipp Jr., produced the song Flipside on the Juice movie soundtrack.

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"Man, you know what your problem is? You got no Juice" - Q

Know The Ledge by Rakim is the song played in the beginning of the movie Juice.