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The Time Has Come It’s Kofi Kingston’s Time To Shine

We’ve all wanted a member of The New Day to get a singles title at some point. Will this be Kofi’s moment at the Elimination Chamber?

It’s Going To Be Trouble In Paradise

I don’t like to speak for others, but I’m pretty sure I can right now. We’ve all wanted a member of The New Day to get a singles title at some point or another. Now — this moment — feels like the most perfect opportunity yet for the pancake panhandlers.

Kofi Kingston’s last-second addition to Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match looked like a mere clever move at first, but it was enough to spark my hopes. 40 plus minutes into SmackDown Live’s gauntlet match to decide the last slot in the Chamber. With Kingston having pinned both Daniel Bryan and Jeff Hardy, even Corey “Twitter Meltdown” Graves was a believer.

Graves began telling the story that we’ve all considered: Kofi as the aging gunslinger. He’s always been the Rumble spot master, never the Rumble winner.
It felt clear, that Kofi was getting the same treatment that Seth Rollins got a year ago, when The Architect wrestled for an hour on a Raw. And then Kofi pinned Joe too. Though the three-count seemed a bit odd, so Joe could go full insane and just murderize Kofi.

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Except things got even stronger. But no matter how that gauntlet match would end, I felt more sure of the fantasy booking I laid out in my original tweet. In New Day, Bryan will see everything he hates about excess, capitalism, food and consumerism. He can rail against Kofi as a guy who had all the talent in the world. Only to throw it all away in neon clothing. Spending his 11 years being a punchline, not a champion. Kofi growled his decade-plus of frustration during the spots with Styles, as AJ tried being nice to him to start their section of the gauntlet match.

Also, you can have seriously fun faction wars if you bring Harper back to help Bryan win the Chamber to retain. Leading to a one on one at WrestleMania. We’ve seen New Day vs The Wyatt Family, but New Day vs The Green Day can be something great. You heard the screams of the crowd in support of Kofi during his fire-up moments against AJ. You might want a WrestleMania Moment for Mustafa Ali, but you can’t convince me that this isn’t a perfect time for Kingston. After he tapped to Styles, and Big E and Xavier Woods ran down to his aid. Our hearts jumped to our throats. We saw one of the best damn things they could do with the WWE Championship… give it to Kofi Kingston.


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