Pain Into Champagne

Deuce Deuce Feat. Outlawz – Pain Into Champagne (Official Music Video)

Deuce Deuce Outlawz – Pain Into Champagne Official Music Video. Filmed in South Africa in December 2018. It will be on Deuce Deuce’s album, Full Circle.

We turned this pain into champagne, we don’t owe you nigg** a damn thing!

While on their Motherland Tour in South Africa in late 2018 Young Noble and Deuce Deuce shot four music videos, ‘Pain into Champagne’ being one of them.

‘Pain into Champagne’ also features fellow Outlawz member Edi Don and the music video directed by Jae Synth. The video shows Deuce Deuce, Young Noble and Edi Don on the scenic South African coast, spittin’ lyrics oozing out with substance and fact.

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For anyone that knows the Outlawz history, they have endured loss and pain throughout their music career.

Edi’s verse highlights how successful they have been with more in the pipeline for the future.

“Immortalized my rap lines they travel time.” “Another album do a movie, what the fu** next? Do radio yeah I play my own sh**, write scripts hit another lit, take a trip. Yeah, we book shows Cabana life hoe, selling water more to come, man, I’m on one.”

‘Pain into Champagne’ will be on Deuce Deuce’s album, Full Circle, out later this year.

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