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All G Ft. Young Noble – No Days Off (Official Music Video)

All G ft. Young Noble – No Days Off Music Video The Outlaw member features on the song which is taken from All G’s new album expected later this year

We all got the same twenty four hours day. If you ain’t movin’ forward homie your just in the way

Young Noble has been featured in new music video, ‘No Days Off’, with Californian rapper All G.

The music video was filmed in September 2018 and is directed by Jae Synth. The song is taken from All G’s new album which is expected to drop this year.

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‘No Days Off’ has a lyrical message that is all about the drive and hustle needed to succeed through the struggle. Young Noble seems to speak from experience in this song, adding substance.

The Outlaw Veteran raps, “I came up selling dimes having big dreams/No more petty crimes, moved onto bigger things. Shit get complicated, appreciate the simple things.”

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