Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice

Unseen Poetic Justice Scenes On Blu-Ray

Sony Pictures has this week released unseen Poetic Justice scenes on Blu-Ray. It includes the screen test showing the moment Lucky and Justice meet.

Poetic Justice Deleted Scenes

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have this week released Poetic Justice [Blu-ray]. The release includes ten never-before-seen deleted and extended scenes. These clips are part of the special features on the Blu-ray.

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Included in the special features is the screen test that the studio required director John Singleton to do. The screen test that they did was the moment when Lucky and Justice meet for the first time. You can see the chemistry between Tupac and Janet Jackson, with John Singleton describing it as “electric.”

Tupac was a household name before he starred in Poetic Justice with his lyrics and skills as a rapper. But he shown the world that he was also a natural actor. He had a passion for acting with many believing he would go onto be one of the great actors of a generation.

When filming the BBQ scene, Maya Angelou, who makes a cameo in the film, saw Tupac enraged and arguing on the set. Maya approached Tupac and asked him “When was the last time anyone told you how important you are?” She then reminded him about what his ancestors went through. Tupac hugged Maya and began to cry.

tupac janet jackson movie
Screenshot, Poetic Justice

Speaking on the Poetic Justice featurette, director John Singleton said,
“I’m probably the only dumb person in Tupac’s life to ever tell him, ‘You’re not that good of a rapper. You should just act. Forget that rap stuff. “And he was like ‘Man, f— you.’ He actually said, ‘Music is my life. I gotta do my music. I’m a rapper. I’m a rapper. I love hip-hop. Hip-hop is my life.”

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