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The Revival Explain WWE’s Tag Team Rules

Fans were a little perplexed on Monday night when Raw’s tag team main event ended in a disqualification between Kurt Angle’s, Braun Strowman & The Revival.

Rules Are Rules & The Revival Explains Them

Fans were a little perplexed on Monday night February 4th when Raw’s tag team main event ended in a disqualification because. Kurt Angle’s partner Braun Strowman attacked Baron Corbin, resulting in a win for Corbin & Drew McIntyre.

In a tag team match, there is one legal person from each side tag team in the ring. The tag team member on the outside of the ring should not be allowed to run in the ring and hit the opposing tag team man until he has been tagged in by his team mate. This should be a disqualification.

This new adherence to the rule book comes at an interesting time. Rumors have been swirling about WWE putting a renewed focus. on its tag teams as it prepares to compete with All Elite Wrestling. Which will presumably focus on their tag scene. Seeing as company vice-presidents, The Young Bucks will be competing in it. Specifically, there were reports the Revival wanted out of there contracts. Probably so they could go work with The Bucks in AEW. Reports insist WWE talked them out of it with a promise to emphasize pairs wrestling and push them in their tag division.

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Whether or not any of that scuttlebutt is true, Corey Graves definitely recently mentioned on commentary that each team is allowed one save per match. That and Monday’s DQ led to Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson of The Revival taking time to explain the “new” rules/old rules that will now be enforced.

Check Out The Revival Vs The New Day From RAW Below.


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