Out ina blaze

Outlawz – Out Ina Blaze ft. Young Buck (Official Music Video)

Outlawz featuring Young Buck official music video directed and animated by Mateusz Kijak. Out Ina Blaze was featured on Jersey Giantz Mixtape.

Out Ina Blaze Video Animates The Outlawz

Outlawz have had classic songs with Young Buck. Out Ina Blaze is no different. This wasn’t your normal Outlawz music video. Mateusz Kijak who directed the video, also did the animation. With such animation came special cameo appearances by 2pac and Yaki Kadafi. The video premiered on Outlawz Vevo, December 7, 2015.

The song Out Ina Blaze was featured on the Jersey Giantz mixtape. Presented by Young Noble and Hussein Fatal the mixtape is available for download. The free download is available at outlawuniversity.net.

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