AJ Carr Talks Tupac Inspiration, Building Bosses, Ballardine
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AJ Carr Talks Tupac Inspiration, Building Bosses, Ballardine

O4L Online speaks to entrepreneur AJ Carr about Tupac inspiration, Building Bosses, his new book Ballardine & lists his top 5 Tupac songs ...
tupac biggie BET rap beef
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Tupac Biggie Beef On BET’s Is Rap Worth Your Life

Tupac Biggie rap beef is featured on Episode 104 of BET's Is Rap Worth Your Life. Various artists such as Too Short & Nipsey Hussle talk Tupac Biggie beef ...
new death row tupac suge j knight
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Tupac Back In The Studio With Suge J Knight

New Death Row is coming soon? Suge J Knight claims on his Instagram account that new Tupac music is on the way and he is looking for the hottest producer! ...
crooked i 2019
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Crooked I Talks Suge Knight, Slaughterhouse, Spotify Weekly Music

Crooked I talks his 2019 hip hop weekly, Crook's Corner, Slaughterhouse, Death Row, Family Business and his new deal with Spotify ...
Self Compassion

Creating Self-Compassion: How Self-Acceptance is Possible

What's the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion? This article articulates a healthy way of feeling good about oneself ...
Napoleon interview
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Napoleon Talks Tupac, Outlawz On Dutch TV

Napoleon from The Outlawz, was interviewed by a Dutch television station. Mutah talked about Tupac, Outlawz and his life in Saudi Arabia ...
i remember young noble hussein fatal
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#Flashback Young Noble, Hussein Fatal – I Remember (Official Music Video)

I Remember official music video directed by Jae Synth. I Remember produced by Boss Devito, features Young Noble & Hussein Fatal ...
crim dela crim
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Crim Dela Crim Talks New Album Produced By Scott Storch

Crim Dela Crim drops exclusive news concerning Scott Storch for The Dinner Club. Also on the menu Model Of The Week, Meychelle and Conversation Piece ...
unseen tupac mugshot
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Unseen Tupac Prison Mugshots Plus 282 Pages Of Tupac Prison Records

Previously unseen tupac photographs of him in prison have been released to the public for the first time after almost 24 years after they were taken ...
Delray Claims Faith Evans Is A Liar About When She Really Met Tupac
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Delray Claims Faith Evans Is A Liar About When She Really Met Tupac

Delray Richardson talks with The Art OF Dialogue about Faith Evans meeting Tupac. O.J Simpson Daughter dating Treach Of Naughty By Nature ...
edi don interview
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EDI DON On The Kaliente Show Talks 2pac, Outlawz

EDI DON interview with The Kaliente Show aired on Octiber 2018. On the show Edi talks about his music, Tupac & The Outlawz ...
thd2 deluxe edition
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THD2 Deluxe Edition Available Now, Features ’96’ From 2pac Biopic

EDI DON The Hope Dealer, Part 2 Deluxe Edition featuring 3 bonus song including '96' featured on the 2pac All Eyez On Me biopic ...
Soulja Boy breakfast club
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Soulja Boy First Time Ever On Breakfast Club Talks, Tyga, Migos, Drake

Soulja Boy Breakfast Club interview talks Tyga, getting robbed and almost killed, Drake, Kayne West and shows poof that him and the Migos are cool now ...
do it from tha heart
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Young Noble – Do It From Tha Heart (Official Music Video)

Do It From Tha Heart, official music video for Young Noble. The video directed by Jae Synth pays tribute to Hussein Fatal ...
Great Grand Daddy Kush
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Young Noble – Great Grand Daddy Kush

Young Noble Great Grand Daddy Kush official music video directed by James Wade & Co-Directed by Young Noble. Video features cameos from Hussein Fatal & EDI ...
tupac art inspiration
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Tupac Art Inspiration – Mokrane Houssam

In this edition of Tupac Art Inspiration O4L Online talks to Algerian graphic designer Mokrane Houssam about his Tupac artwork & the legacy of the iconic rapper ...
2pac hummer
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Delray Talks 2pac Against All Odds Lyrics Aimed At Nas, Hummer Photo

Delray Richardson talks to The Art Of Dialogue about the rare 2pac hummer photo, 2pac and Nas at the House Of Blues in L.A ...
edi 2pac suge knight
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EDI Talks 2pac Vegas Night, Suge Behind Bars With HipHopDX

EDI DON a.k.a E.D.I Mean dicusses 2pac vegas night and Suge Knight serving a 28 year sentence with HipHopDX. EDI also talks new album, The Hope Dealer PT 2 ...
Ice Cube tupac
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Ice Cube Talks Tupac Diss Record Hit Em Up

Ice Cube talks Tupac diss record Hit Em Up in a new interview done by media site Genius He also talks about his new album & reflects on his hip hop career ...
2pac arian foster
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2Pac Music Is Not Deep Says Arian Foster

Arian Foster appeared on the Red Pill Podcast hosted by Van Lathan and claims 2pac music is not deep. Blames the 2pac fans ...
happy birthday afeni shakur
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Happy Birthday Afeni Shakur

Celebrating Afeni Shakur 72 Birthday. Happy Birthday to Afeni Shakur, mother of Tupac Amaru Shakur and former Black Panther ...
outlaw immortalz
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EDI Talks Outlaw Immortalz Documentary With HipHopDX

“..inspire a younger generation to want to put some more of their stories and honest stories into the music” Earlier this week, O4L Online broke the news about an upcoming Outlawz documentary. Outlaw Immortalz which is based on a true ...
noble hussein fatal
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Young Noble Hussein Fatal – Lookin 4 Freedom (Official Music Video)

Young Noble, Hussein Fatal Lookin 4 Freedom official music video directed by Jae Synth. Lookin 4 Freedom appeared on Ridin All Week On Em ...
Psychological Manipulation

Spotting Psychological Manipulation: How to Evade the Potential Abuser

Psychological Manipulation and Our Need for Personal Boundaries Psychological manipulation can come in varied forms and from a multitude of individuals. Some close to us and others who aren’t. Psychological manipulation is sometimes noticeable, but often remains undetected. It’s hard ...
deluxe edition thd2
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The Hope Dealer 2 Hard Copy Release Date, Cover, Bonus Track List

EDI DON's second studio album The Hope Dealer, Part 2 Dexluxe Edition hard copy, front and back cover, track list, bonus songs ...