happy birthday kastro

“And come to grips without being bitter, I had to focus on the bigger picture”

Kastro, former member of the Outlawz, turns 42 years old today December 30. Kastro who is blood cousin of Tupac Shakur was also part of the rap group Dramacydal. Consisting of Kastro, EDI Don, Napoleon and Kadafi, Dramacydal would make their debut in 1995 on Tupac’s Me Against The World album.

A year later Kastro would be featured on Tupac’s double album All Eyez On Me on songs such as Tradin War Stories, Thugz Passion and When We Ride. Kastro would also appear on the infamous diss record, Hit Em Up. Also Read Eminem Ranks 2Pac, Outlawz Hit ‘Em Up Greatest Diss Track Of All Time

Since 2009 Kastro hasn’t been much in the rap scene. In 2011, Kastro was featured on the Outlawz Killuminati 2K11 mixtape on the song ‘Black Rose’.

Most recently Kastro appeared on EDI Don’s first solo album in 2015, The Hope Dealer Part 1. Straight Ahead produced by the Sutardy Brothers and featured King Sunda on the hook.

I took a left on a right, I was incorrect
I ask you please don’t be upset with my disconnect
Just had to press reset so I could redirect
Then address these regrets with the proper due respect
I was left with nothing left, what do you expect?
I learned it ain’t what you deserve, you get what you accept
I’m up early in the morning like I never slept – Kastro, Straight Ahead