So Much Pain

Outlawz – So Much Pain Feat. Mike Green (Official Music Video)

‘So Much Pain’ was released on The Outlawz 2016 album ‘Livin Legends’ The track is a tribute to all their fallen soldiers that they have lost over the years

“We don’t like to re-do Tupac songs, but I think we did this one justice and did it in a different way.” – Young Noble

‘So Much Pain’ was released on The Outlawz 2016 album ‘Livin Legends’ and is a remake of Tupac’s 1994 track ‘Pain’. ‘So Much Pain’ is a tribute song to all their fallen soldiers.

Produced by Ryan Elder and featuring R&B singer Mike Green, ‘So Much Pain’ captures the raw emotions of loss The Outlawz have gone through. Firstly losing their mentor and leader Tupac in September 1996. Shortly after losing ‘Pac, another member of their squad, Yaki Kadafi, was gunned down. In 2015 Hussein Fatal was killed in a car crash in Georgia, leaving Edi Don and Young Noble carrying the torch.

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The idea for the song came from Hussein Fatal, little did he know it would be one of the last tracks he would ever work on. The passing of Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, in May 2016, only added to the genuine emotions that was being poured into this song.

Speaking about the track, Outlawz member Edi Don says; “With being one of the last tracks we got to do with our brother Hussein Fatal, it has turned into a dedication song for him, Afeni, and all our other fallen comrades”.

The music video for ‘So Much Pain’ featuring Mike Green, directed by Dr Teeth can be seen below.

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