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Desiree Smith Talks Tupac, Stretch & Quad Studios

Tupacs former girlfriend Desiree Smith speaks to The Art Of Dialogue about her relationship with Tupac. She also speaks on Stretch and Quad Studios incident

“This your boy! What’s he doing with your enemies people’s and whys he tryin’ to holla at me?!”

Tupac’s former girlfriend, Desiree Smith, has given an exclusive interview with YouTube channel, The Art Of Dialogue.

In part one of this exclusive interview, Desiree details how she met Tupac for the first time, seeing The Notorious B.I.G and partying with ‘Pac at Puffy’s birthday party.

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Raised in Bed-Stuy, New York, Desiree Smith met ‘Pac at a club called Mars. Tupac was there performing with Bobby Brown and Biggie. As they were leaving the stage, Desiree and her friend who she was with got caught up with the madness of people trying to get close to the hip-hop stars. That is where Tupac and Desiree saw each other for first time. Reminiscing of this moment, Desiree says “Me and him made eye contact, he started talking to me and we started kicking it from that moment”

Desiree Smith
Desiree Smith visiting Tupac in Prison in October 1995

Tupac invited Desiree to the Parker Meridien hotel after coming home from the club where they kicked back and had a good time. She gave ‘Pac her beeper number to stay in contact but she ended up losing the beeper a few days later. But luckily she went to a club and she saw Biggie, who told her that Tupac was in town and he would probably want to see you. She ended up going back to where ‘Pac was staying and they exchanged numbers for the second time.

Watch Part 1 of this interview below.

In the second part of The Art Of Dialogue interview, Desiree talks about Big Stretch, Jasmine Guy and Quad Studios shooting.

At the time of the ’94 shooting at Quad Studios, ‘Pac and Desiree Smith wasn’t on speaking terms after they had a falling out two weeks prior to the incident. After hearing Tupac was shot, she was scared and shook up. She remembers going to the hospital as soon as she heard the news but ‘Pac was gone!

Tupac was taken to Bellevue Hospital but later checked himself out. Upon leaving the hospital, ‘Pac went to stay with good friend, Jasmine Guy, who he trusted and would feel safe there. Desiree says that Tupac and Jasmine Guy had a ‘Special relationship’ and that Tupac directly told her that he and Jasmine were more than friends.

Desiree goes onto speak on how she got back in contact with Tupac once he was in prison, revealing that Tupac’s once close friend, Big Stretch, was hanging with Junior Mafia and how he had tried to hit on her!

After talking to Big Stretch in a club about Tupac losing contact with her, Desiree gave Stretch her number in the hope that it would reach Tupac. According to Desiree, Big Stretch called her saying he had a message for her from ‘Pac. Stretch then turned up at her place with people from Junior Mafia and Bedford Avenue. He later tried to sweet talk her after delivering no message from Tupac. With everything that she was hearing about Tupac thinking that Biggie had something to do with the Quad Studio incident, she thought it was fishy that Stretch would be hanging with Biggies crew.

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With Stretch showing up at her place, she contacted Tupac by the way of letter saying “This your boy! What’s he doing with your enemies people’s and whys he tryin’ to holla at me?!”

Watch Part 2 of this interview with The Art Of Dialogue below.


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