young noble new album

Outlawz member Young Noble confirmed that there is a brand new album with Deuce Deuce dropping February 2019.

Young Noble announced the news of a new collaboration album, titled ‘Full Circle’, on his Instagram by posting a one minute clip of a music video from a song off the album called ‘Kings & Queens’

It’s not the first time that the two rappers have collaborated together. In 2013 they made the album ‘Fast Life’ and in 2016 the pair teamed up for the album ‘The Code’. Both albums feature Outlawz member Edi Don.

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Late November and early December 2018 they toured South Africa for the first time on the ‘Motherland Tour’. While out there, not only were they performing, giving interviews and visiting fans, they also shot four music videos, with ‘King & Queens’ being the first one. The video is directed by Jae Synth, who has been involved with many Outlawz videos including ‘Switch Sides’, Young Noble’s ‘The New Drug’ and ‘Poison’ by Young Noble and Deuce Deuce.

Young Noble
Young Noble, Deuce Deuce and Edi Don in South Africa