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“I love Shottie”

Skinnyfromthe9 appeared on Real 92.3 LA and spoke about moving different after being released from jail, “Absolutely. I learned that you just gotta watch the people around you.” Although Skinnyforthe9 brought many people with him for the interview, he felt this time around its different, “These are like good people. That’s the difference, you know what I’m saying. You gotta watch, like the people that like can’t provide for themselves, cause those are the people that try to take advantage of you. There’s people out there who like have secret agendas and stuff like that cause everybody is doing shady shit nowadays.”

With that being said, Skinnyfromthe9 explains his relationship with Shottie from Treyway. Shottie has been rumored to have taken advantage of 6ix9ine by cheating 6ix9ine out of money and even plotted to perhaps kill 6ix9ine as a FBI recorded phone call revealed. Dispite all the negativity surrounding Shottie, Skinnyfromthe9 sees different, “It’s just the blogs talking. People just make up stories and they don’t really know whats going on. Shottie is not like that. Shottie is a good dude.”

Skinnyfromthe9 also talks latinos in hip hop, how he linked up with Shottie, new project, relationship with his mother and father.

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