Tay Money Trappers Delight
Power 106

Tay Money appeared on Power 106 Los Angeles and was interviewed by DJ Felli Fel. Tay money talks how she got started rapping, “I have always just had a little soul somewhere in me. I started listening to hip hop around in like sixth grade. My sister was like 8 years older and I was stealing her CD player. I was listening to Nelly and J-Kuan.

Also Tay Money speaks on her biggest influences, “No disrepect to them, I wouldnt say they were in the game anymore. It would be like, Brittany Spears, Qwen Stefani the look. More of a like Fergie sound. Like Fergie with some trap.”

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Tay Money also talks being from Houston, is she a Cowboys fan, Nicki Minaj or Cari B, Drake or Pusha T, Donald Trump, being compared to Iggy Azalea.

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