gucci mane evil genius
The Cruz Show

“I had to be like street smart and savage, had to be an evil genius”

Gucci Mane appeared on The Cruz Show and explained why he felt he was black balled from the industry, “I had beef with rappers that were probably popular than me at the time. People you know, people in business were picking sides. You know they were motivated by their best interest or whatever agenda they got, so they did whatever they thought is best.”

Gucci also touched on not really having a support base when he is on the west coast, “Really I dont have no super support group out here like that. I don’t know man, like its so far, you know what I’m saying. I’m dead serious man. It’s a five, six hour flight every time I come out here.”

Gucci Mane also talks Evil Genius, working out, eating right, fan support while locked up and if he ever wore fake jewelry.

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