J.I.D DiCaprio 2
Real 92.3 LA

J.I.D talks with Real 92.3 LA about adjusting to fame, “Adjusting to like, being, like, nobody to like know what I’m saying, somebody that people care about. Adjusting to not being a regular ni**a no more. Just a lot of stuff that comes with it the trolls, family.”

When asked about Earthgang who are now J.I.D’s label mates, J.I.D had this to say, “People ask me about music, I was like bro these ni**as, I don’t know shit about music if these ni**as don’t blow up. That’s real shit. That makes me feel like I be tripping, cause I be hearing some shit and I be like god, how ya do this shit.”

J.I.D also talks his new album DiCaprio 2, working DJ Drama, Method Man, Joey Badass, playing Madden, favorite top 2 hip hop albums of 2018. Watch the full interview below.

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