outlawz expresso show
Expresso Show

“We had a dream about changing our lives and making good music”

On December 4th, 2018, Outlawz appeared on the morning show, Expresso Show, in Cape Town South Africa. The Outlawz who toured for the first time in South Africa stopped by the show to discuss the Motherland Tour, what’s missing in hip hop and how the Outlawz came about. “We kinda wanted to shake up the rap name and choose names that might shock people a little bit. It was all about definitely taking hip hop to another level,” explains EDI.

Outlawz were in town also promoting their show that night in Cape Town. “It’s been a dream come true man. The experience has been amazing,” Young Noble speaking of the South Africa Tour.

Outlawz would go on to perform Baby Don’t Cry and So Amazing. Press play below to watch the full appearances as it was streamed live.

The second part where the Outlawz were on the Expresso Show can be seen below.