flipp dinero leave me alone
L.A Leakers

L.A Leakers

Flipp Dinero On Making Leave Me Alone, DJ Khaled, NY Hip Hop

“Its been a hectic 2018, In a good way”

Flipp Dinero appeared on L.A Leakers with Justin Incredible as he explains how his hit song, Leave Me Alone came about. “I was sitting in the crib writing like usual. I came up with the song. I hit the stu that same night. Dropped it on wax and I hear it I was like yo, special. Then from then on I knew it was a gem,” explains Flipp Dinero.

Flipp Dinero also talks about his team, DJ Khaled, the state of New York Hip Hop and how he got the name Flipp Dinero. Watch the full interview with Just Incredible below.

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