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Anderson Paak Talks Church, Aftermath Records, Dr. Dre

Anderson Paak interview with The Breakfast Club about his album, Dr. Dre feature, church in his life, fatherhood, his parents.

Anderson Paak Interview Talks Rare Dr. Dre Feature

Anderson Paak was interviewed by The Breakfast Club on December 4, 2018 where he talks how he was saved by the church and how he got into music. “I wanted to play drums and I started playing drums in the 6th grade and uh my god sister came through and was like you need to go to the church that’s where all the best musicinas are. She took me to the black church you know in the town and I was like whoa,” Anderson Paak explains why he started going to church.

Being on Aftermath records, Anderson Paak was able to have Dr.Dre featured on his album. “It didn’t take long at all. Honestly that song that hes on was something that he had in the vaults. We couldn’t clear one song and so, I was stressed. I really liked the song we had and was like damn we cant use it. So I hit up, I was like whats up with that one song you played me randomly, let me get that,” Anderson talking about the rare Dre feature.

Anderson Paak interview also talks about new album, his father’s death, fatherhood, Aftermath Records. Watch the full interview below with The Breakfast Club.

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