Reggie Wright Jnr

Reggie Wright Jr, former Head of Security at Death Row Records, denies telling Tupac’s Bodyguard not to carry a gun in a recent interview with VladTV.

Tupac’s Bodyguard at the time of his murder was Frank Alexander, a former bodybuilder who was selected to be ‘Pac’s personal Bodyguard after impressing the Death Row camp with his swift actions, when Snoop Dogg’s trailer got shot at in New York. Frank was with Tupac and The Outlawz most day’s in the months building up to that fateful evening on September 7th 1996.

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In this interview, Reggie dismisses claims from Frank and others that he told them not to carry guns. He also discusses the attempted robbery of Death Row Associate Travon Lane where it is alleged that Baby Lane (Orlando Anderson) tried to snatch Travon’s Death Row chain.