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Meek Mill Advice For 6ix9ine, Prison, Drake, Rihanna, Championships Album

Meek Mill interview with Big Boy Tv talks advice for Tekashi 6ix9ine, Drake, Kayne West, Rihanna, prison, new album Championships.

“The world will deliver the energy you putting out.”

Meek Mills was interview on Wednesday November 28 by Big Boy Tv on Power 106 in LA. Meek Mill goes in depth about his timed being locked up and the support he received during that time. Support that came of the likes such as Jay-Z.

When asked what Meek Mill would have told Tekashi 6ix9ine if he had a chance to give him some advice, Meek had this to say, “Id had been like ah that shit you are doing is stupid at this point. I know you might have gotten on from doing it and it worked out to being able to make some money but I think you need to slow down. I think you’re beefing with too many people right now. You putting the wrong energy out and its gonna deliver and it gonna deliver that energy. The world will deliver the energy you putting out.”

Interesting enough Meek Mill crossed paths with Tekashi and asked to speak to him for a second. 6ix9ine agreed but they never got to speak. Meek Mill would have given some advice for Tekashi as far as how he is moving and to chill with the negative engery.

Meek Mill also talks about what he likes about social media, the reality of being in prison, Kayne West asking him to go to the White House, Rihanna, his new album Champtionships coming out Friday November 30th.

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