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MadeinTYO talks Sincerely Tokyo, Mac Miller Feature

MadeinTYO interview with the Cruz Show about Sincerely Tokyo, MAC Miller feature, upcoming collaboration with J Balvin and Jhay Cortez.

J Balvin, Jhay Cortez Collabo On The Way

MadeinTYO interview with the Cruz Show on Power 106 where he discussed his new album Sincerely Tokyo. The new album will have features which is a first for MadeinTYO. “I feel like I was painting a picture of me always by myself in a way. I always stayed away from featured cause I always wanted records to stand on my own. I didn’t want a record to pop off and it be like oh yea I like blah blahs part or I’m here for blah blah. I always wanted people to be here for this,” explains MadeinTYO.

MadeinTYO also spoke about living in Japan where he talks about feeling comfortable to wear anything he wanted because in Japan no one would care. “If they liked just your Dodger jersey they’re gonna let you know boom, if they know any history with the team they’re gonna try to talk to you about it. Everything is super we love you.”

MadeinTYO also confirms his upcoming collaboration with J Balvin and Jhay Cortez. All this and more. Watch the full MadeinTYO interview below which aired on Monday November 26, 2018.

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