Spice 1 Talks tupac

Spice 1 Talks About Tupac Wanting To Die High

Spice 1 talks to VladTv about the night Tupac was shot at Quad Studios.. He reveals Tupac wanted to die high, he rolled a blunt straight after being shot

High ‘Til I Die, Loc’d ‘Til they smoke me, The Shit don’t stop
‘Til my casket drop

Courtesy of VladTv, this clip of Hip-Hop veteran Spice 1 talks about the night Tupac got shot at Quad Studios in New York. He also talks about the collaboration track that he did with ‘Pac called ‘Jealous Got Me Strapped’ which was included on on Spice 1’s 1994 album ‘AmeriKKKa’s Nightmare’.

According to Spice 1, ‘Pac described the Quad incident as a scene from a movie, with people sitting in the hallway looking over their newspapers, which he figured was kind of strange. He goes onto describe the ambush in the elevator, how they pulled guns on him and demanded that ‘Pac hand over his possessions, when he resisted and started fighting over the gun that’s when they shot him.

Probably the most revealing part of this interview was when he talks about ‘Pac rolling a ‘Bloody blunt’ while still bleeding and wanting to die high. “He rolled over and pulled out the swishers and the weed and started rolling up a bloody blunt!” When Spice 1 questioned Tupac on why he did this, ‘Pac’s reply was “Because I wanted to die high!”

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