Hit Em Up Freddy Vs Jason

Elm Street Killahs..Hit Em Up Freddy Vs Jason

We are all to familar with the long history beef that is of Freddy Krueger and Jason. A beef that in 2003 we all thought came to an end. That was until 2015 when The Merkins paid tribute to Tupac on September 13 with Slash ‘Em Up. The video has Freddy Krueger dressed in Tupac’s infamous Red Wings Jersey. A moment in history when Tupac spit at news cameras after leaving New York Supreme Court in 1994.

Later In 2017 Dopeisland & MeechOnMars would do their own version as they reenacted Tupac & Outlawz Hit Em up music video. Spilt Em Up Jason Voorhees Diss, features Freddy Krueger dissing Jason.

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