tupac tyson vegas

Leon Robinson Recalls Tupac Vegas Night, Above The Rim

Leon Robinson who played Shep in Above The Rim, was recently on the Breakfast Club. Leon recalls how Tupac was in Above The Rim, Vegas night and more.

He’s yelling at Mike, Mike yelling at him”

Leon Robinson who played Shep in Above the Rim, was recently on the Breakfast Club. Leon Robinson along with Vanessa Williams came on the show to talk about their new series ’40 And Single’.

When asked about Tupac while filming Above the Rim, Leon had this to say, “When we did our scenes he was on point, as you can see and it was just all the other things man. Like he would talk about going back to some t-shirt shop and you know beating somebody because they was selling his t-shrts. Passing out blunts to the extras while we shooting.”

tupac tyson vegas

Released 24 years ago, on 23rd March 1994, the movie Above the Rim was released. The movie, which stars Tupac Shakur, Duane Martin, Leon Robinson, Wood Harris and Marlon Wayans, follows the story of a talented high school basketball star called Kyle Watson (Duane Martin), who dreams of playing in the big league, the NBA. While he waits to find out if he will get a scholarship to Georgetown University, he is put in a difficult position at a neighbourhood tournament Shoot-Out. Read more about Above The Rim

It’s crazy cause the night he got shot, I was there. I was in Vegas.

“If they didn’t stop the fight he would have been in the ring. He was so loud. Screaming at the other fighter,” recalls Leon Robinson as Tupac watches the Tyson fight on September 7, 1996. The full interview can be seen below.


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