The New Drug

The New Drug – Young Noble Music Video

Young Noble releases the video to his song The New Drug It features Kari Epps & speaks on real issues facing our society today.

When you see someone in trouble..Help them, don’t record them…Lets get back to humanity & loving each other! #O4L

Young Noble has just released the video for his first single titled ‘The New Drug’.

‘The New Drug’ is off Young Noble’s upcoming new album titled ‘Immortal’. The hard hitting video, directed by Jae Synth, shows the very real and sad situation in which society is these days.

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In the video Young Noble is laying out on the sidewalk having been a victim of a shooting or stabbing. With blood pouring out of him, a bunch of onlookers crowd around him, not to help him, but to record him dying. They point, laugh and even take selfies in front of the body of Young Noble, posting it up to their social media.

The New Drug

It’s a very real issue that is being raised. In today’s society, we are all to quick to pick up our phones to capture somebody’s pain and suffering. We, as a human race, need to get back to how we used to help each other, not just walk by or ignore.

The New Drug

The lyrics in ‘The New Drug’ are very deep and true. Lyrics like “Instead of helping a nigga, your gonna stand about recording” and “They wanna catch my last breath, put it on YouTube, nobody cares, they just want the likes and views.”

Check the official video out for ‘The New Drug’ featuring Kari Epps below!