EDI DON Dreams Featuring Aktual

EDI DON Dreams Featuring Aktual, Available Now!

EDI DON Dreams featuring Aktual is the first single off The Hope Dealer Part 2. The Hope Dealer Part 2 is EDI DON’s second solo album.

EDI DON Dreams Featuring Aktual, First Single From The Hope Dealer Part 2

Hope is on the way. EDI DON is set to release the sequal to his solo album ‘The Hope Dealer’. In this first single ‘Dreams’ produced by Aceman, EDI DON features Aktual don the hook.

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Dreams was inspired by a Dream that started in Brooklyn, New York. A dream which meant for EDI at the time, a record deal and the chance to record a song with Marley Marl. Now that dream has changed and so has EDI’s focus. That focus of his children and his loved ones more than ever.

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This wouldn’t be the first time EDI DON has teamed up with Aktual. The two of them gave us the classic ‘Slow Down’ which was featured on EDI DON’s mixtape ‘O.G Est. 1992’ in 2013.

“I’ve been knowing Aktual for a very long time now. We met in 2005 at a musical equipment store and he gave me some tracks and ended up doing some engineering for us. Then one day he said big bro I sing too, we went to the studio and cut a record called Haters get cho Paper f/Crooked I and the rest was history,” EDI speaking of Aktual.

EDI DON Dreams

Dreams F/ Aktual

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