All About Apple Gather Round Event

Everything You Need To Know About Apple Gather Round Event

All About Apple Gather Round Event, New iPhone Xs Max. Giving you all the latest from the 2018 Apple Gather Round event. Up to date info as the event is going on live!

“Not just the worlds most advanced operating system, but the most personal”, Tim Cook live at the Apple Event.

All About Apple Gather Round Event iPhone Xs Max

iWatch Series 4

– Watch iOS 5
– 18 hour all day battery life
– 30% larger
– Thinner
– Corner to corner display
– Add photo of love ones to your watch face and even click on the photo to connect with them
– Digital crown, captive feedback. presisily skip throw apps
– Mic is on the oppostie side of the speaker to reduce echos
– Radio wave can go through the front and the back for better service

All About Apple Gather Round Event iPhone Xs Max

– 4th gen called S4 is a dual core 64 bit apple designed processor
– Can detect if you fall and if are nonresponsive for a minute it will automatically contact first responders and give them your current location
– Electrocardiogram (ECG) first every over the counter ECG that can be used via the digital crown and enables you to take an EKG anything you want
– New gold finish
– All previous bands work with new series

iPhone Xs & iPhone Xs Max

– New gold finish, on the front and back
– Gold, Silver, Space Grey finishes
– IP68 complaint

All About Apple Gather Round Event

– Most durable smart phone ever
– Super Retina Display 6.5 and a 5.8 OLED Display

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