when is the new iphone coming out


Apple Gather Round Event, New iPhone Coming Soon

Apple has announced they will be holding a special event this September 12 at 10PDT and will possibly announce the new 2018 iPhone and iWatch 4 series.

Apple Gather Round Event To Unveil New 2018 iPhone

when is the new iphone coming out 2018
Apple Media Invite

Apple has announced they will be holding a special event this September 12 at 10PDT (Add to your calendar). The graphic for the event shows what seems to be a rose goldish color home button. Invites were sent via email with the graphic image along with a cryptic tagline of “Gather Round”. The event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s Cupertino HQ.

when is the new iphone coming out 2018
Foster And Partners

Although the invite did not state exactly what the event is about, history shows that this will be the unveiling of new Apple products. New products that have been rumored are three new iPhones, new iPad Pro and a the new iWatch 4 series. Let’s take a look at each device and the possibility its unveiling on September 12.

Possible New Devices

2018 iPhone
It has been six constitutive years that the new iPhone has been announced during this time so one can only expect for it to happen yet again in 2018. That along with the leaks we have seen from companies who make and supply the parts indicate that a new iPhone is upon us. The rumored three new iPhones are: a second-generation 5.8-inch OLED device, a larger-screened 6.5-inch OLED device, and a lower-cost 6.1-inch smartphone with an LCD display.

iWatch 4 Series
Apple has filed documentation with the ECC (Eurasian Economic Commission). Those documentation reveal Apple is once again looking to release 2 versions of their new iWatch 4 Series.

iPad Pro
It is possible to have a new iPad Pro announced this September 12th but most likely a new iPad Pro would be announced later this fall to coincide with Apple Photo Shop coming to Apple iPads. One would also assume the new iPad Pro will no longer have the home button just like the iPhone X.

We all know the new iOS12 is arriving this fall 2018. Many have already experienced and tested out the new iOS12 in its beta version. As Apple claims the new iOS12, “is designed to make your iPhone and iPad experience even faster, more responsive, and more delightful. Here are some exciting new features and improvements coming to the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.”

This September 12 expect to have a more detail information about the new iOS as well as new features that weren’t on the beta version.

What Does Gather Round Mean

Back to the media invite with the graphic image. Many assumptions can be made is to what does it all mean. The ring itself could indicate changes coming to the home button. You may ask the question “didn’t apple get rid of the home button with its iPhone X release last year?”. Yes it did but that doesn’t mean a new home button that appears on the screen only can’t happen.

Perhaps a home button that when you double click on the screen it will appear. Appearing as a quick task access that memorized your daily routines. Also it wouldn’t be surprising if the on screen home button rotated like a spin wheel and when it landed on the particular app or function you wanted it would then give you the option to launch the app or function. A 3D option to the app or function would probably be enabled when selecting the app or function through the on screen home button.

Gather Round can also mean how we all interact with each other. In our personal and business lives. Apple could be introducing new ways to communicate with each other. New Emoji’s coming with iOS12 could be part of the equation. Group face time capabilities can see the light sooner then we think. Either way, we shall see exactly what this all means come September 12.