Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leaked Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leaked Video!

As we all wait patiently for August 9th, for Samsung’s Unpacked event, a 30 second video featuring the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has leaked. The video emphasizes on storage, the all new S Pen and battery life. Battery life was also the main focus for Samsung’s first promotion video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a week ago. The video also displays the back on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with its dual cameras and fingerprint sensor.

There has been rumors about the new Note 9 featuring a 4,000mAh battery compared to the Note 8 3,300mAh battery. As the previous video indicated “A lot can change in a day”. Come August 9th 2018 that could very well be true as the new battery equipped in the Note 9 might actually last a full day, even if the phone is used frequently throughout the day. Possibly even a day and a half for those casual phone users.

This is quite interesting as Samsung is attempts to gain the trust back from customers after Note 7 had to be recalled twice because of reports of the phone exploding. Although we have seen no indication of this battery exploding problem with the Note 8, it still possibly on the mind of the average consumer who is still hesitate to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note phone. Especially if rumors are true of a larger battery in the upcoming Note 9.

A bigger battery can scare off consumers who may fear that a larger battery means a greater chance the phone will over heat quicker and possibly explode. Silly to think so? Yes and no, hey this is what realistically someone may think.

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Samsung Releases Note 9 Promo Video, Battery Life