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New iPhone Emoji’s Coming This Fall

Apple Big Announcement on Emoji Day

Apple announced this past Tuesday on World Emoji Day that there will be 70, yes 70 new Emoji’s coming this fall. The new iOS 12 is set to be available in conjunction with the new iPhones. This will be by far the best Emoji upgrade with new hairstyle emoji’s such as redheads, curly hair, gray hair and baldies. Don’t get too excited as not every emoji will have a redheaded option as Jeremy Burge, creator of World Emoji Day, told CNN.

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Other emoji’s will consist of foods like mango, lettuce, lobsters and cupcakes. More facial expressions will also be introduced such as cold face, party face and pleading face. Animals also get some love as new animal emoji’s will be added like parrot and kangaroo. Other Emoji’s revealed on the 4th anniversary of World Emoji Day were super heroes, sports symbols, jewels nut won’t be available until winter 2018.

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Which is your favorite emoji of all time? Let us know below!


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