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tupac frank alexander

In 1995 Tupac’s bodyguard the late Frank Alexander’s niece Lemika Early was in a terrible car accident. The car accident left her paralyzed from the waist down.

When Tupac found out about Lemika’s story, he invited her out to California to meet him. Lemika and her family would go on to hang out with Tupac for two days. One of those days was on the set for the movie Girdlock’d.

Another day on June 10, 1996 was at Can Am studio where Tupac would go on to record the songs “Why U Turn on Me”, “Untouchable” and “Reincarnation”.

Frank shared his memory of his niece meeting Tupac and how it all went down in his Book “Got Your Back”. Here’s an expert from his book.

“At the hospital she learned about the Make-A-Wish Foundation and she got the opportunity to make her wish, meeting Janet Jackson. The Foundation arranged everything, Lemika was going to spend four nights and five days in Los Angeles (Disneyland), the family went out and spent a lot of money on clothes and other items for the trip and then at the last minute, they called and said Janet wanted to change the plans, saying that the meeting was going to take place in New York instead.

My niece was disappointed because her heart was set on going to California. The rep said something about Janet having a favorite candy store in New York that she wanted to visit. It was quickly turning into a big mess. To make matters worse, Janet had cut the length of her visit down to 15 minutes. Lemika was disappointed, she decided to cancel the visit.

When I went to work the next day, I told Pac the story. He said, “I hate that shit,” What can I do?” Later that night, Tupac called my niece. He later called his assistant and told her to send Lemika anything and everything she wants. Tupac later flew Lemeka and my aunt out to California and he invited them to the “Gridlock’d” set. He told them to take all the photos they wanted and he gave my niece a blanket that belonged to him.”

Frank also talks about this on the DVD Before I Wake where he also shared footage of the time spent with Tupac in the studio.


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