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Breakfast Club

Snoop Dogg Breakfast Club Talk Tupac

This morning The Breakfast Club aired an interview with Snoop Dogg where Charlamagne Tha God asked Snoop if a young Tupac would clout chase if he was around during these times.

Snoop Dogg responds by saying, “Hell no”. Snoop would go on to explain how Tupac was all about action while clout chasers tell you what they did. For Tupac the media and those who were around him did the talking retelling his stories as they were happening and even years later.

Snoop Dogg also shares a story about Tupac attempting to teach Snoop Dogg The Art Of War. Tupac’s military minded way almost sparked a huge problem between the Dogg Pound, Snoop, Outlawz and Tupac.

The full interview can be heard below. Press play to start from where Snoop Dogg speaks about Tupac.