outlawz onyx music video
Music Video Shoot My Brother's Keeper

Music Video Shoot My Brother's Keeper

Dj Kay Slay Featuring Outlawz, Onyx – My Brother’s Keeper

DJ Kay Slay reunites Onyx and Outlawz (Young Noble, EDI Mean and Hussein Fatal) for My Brother’s Keeper off DJ Kay Slay’s The Last Hip Hop Disciple.

Outlawz & DJ Kay Slay Deliver Another Classic

On May 15, 2014 DJ Kay Slay reunited the Outlawz and Onyx for his album titled The Last Hip Hop Disciple. My Brother’s keeper featured Onyx and Outlawz members Young Noble, EDI Mean and the late great Hussein Fatal.

My Brother’s Keeper music video directed by Jae Synth featured a cameo by H-Ryda and started off with the late Hussein Fatal.

Yeah, I pop a top down, blaze a snapback
You look hungry, nigga, betta reed yo crack bag
The belly of the beast is empty, we starvin’
Niggas got they history messy, P. Marvin – Hussein Fatal

outlawz onyx

Outlawz and Onyx have recorded music in the past most notably on the song Thug Warz which also featured Napoleon. Thug Warz was released on Fredro Starr solo album in 2001 titled Firestarr.

Hold up I’m lying ’cause shit I’m gettin’ money now
So I drop fifty thou. and take a trip back to the isle
Come back to the states like shit what a vacation
My mind on Makaveli and this money we taken’ – E.D.I Mean

This wouldn’t be the first time DJ Kay Slay has featured the Outlawz on his projects. Back in 2011 DJ Kay Slay accomplished something that many never thought would happen when he released the song Bury The Hatchet featuring Outlawz and Lil Cease. The song touched on their fallen comrades Tupac and Biggie, showing maturity and a level of respect for each other in honor of Tupac and Biggie. Outlawz & Lil Cease – Bury The Hatchet

DJ Kay Slay has always shown support for the Outlawz, something that not many have done coming from New York. Outlawz featured on the intro, kicked off Dj Kay Slay’s star studded mixtape The Big Brother in the summer of 2017. Outlawz – The Big Brother Intro

It doesn’t end just yet. DJ Kay Slay will soon feature Outlawz and The Lox for the very first time! More info exclusively via O4L Online coming soon.


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