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Jasmine Guy Talks Tupac Shooting [Audio]

Jasmine Guy talks about Tupac Shakur New York Shooting and how she was able to be there to support. Also speaks about first meeting Tupac and Afeni Shakur.

I Just Felt Happy To Help In Some Type Of Way

In a recent interview Jasmine Guy talks about first meeting Tupac on the set of a Different World. She goes on to mention how during the Image Awards she was approached backstage and figured she would be asked about her award. Instead she was questioned about Tupac being nominated for an image award. After answering the question they came back to her again as if they wasn’t satisfied with her first response which got under Jasmine Guy’s skin.

They claimed he was dissing woman but to Jasmine Guy she felt that was not true. Songs such as Dear Mama and Keep Ya Head Up is what Jasmine Guy knew of Tupac when it came to woman.

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When speaking of the family Jasmine Guy described them as a Clan, “They’re very tight group of people and that’s part of how they survived, by being there for each other. So when he was shot, they all got to New York. Those who weren’t there in New York got there the next day.”

2pac jasmine guy prison picture