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Chi Modu

Chi Modu

Chi Modu Shoots With Tupac In Atlanta

Some of the most iconic images in music history

24 Years ago, on 5th May 1994, Tupac Shakur met photographer Chi Modu for the first time, to shoot what turns out to be some of the most iconic photographs in music today. The now legendary photographer, who has taken photographs of Snoop Dogg, Nas and many more, had four shoots with Tupac over the two and a half year period of knowing him.

Speaking on the first shoot he had with Tupac, “When I met him on location in Atlanta in 1994 he was quite cooperative and a really nice guy. It was a shoot for The Source magazine, and he arrived early. Tupac was the ultimate professional and he respected my time and skills. After we finished his first Source cover shoot in Atlanta, we went back to his home in Stone Mountain, GA to hang out. He called me aside and showed me his entire gun collection in his bedroom, all his AKs, banana clips, Glocks, everything. Then he moved a picture on the wall in his bedroom, revealing a bullet hole. This was from when he fired a shot in his bedroom because he was on probation and prohibited from going to the firing range. We all laughed afterwards” recalls Chi Modu

The photographs taken from this shoot have been used many times over in publications around the globe. Hip Hop magazine The Source used a shot on its September 1994 issue. Rolling Stone used a shot on its cover for the December 2012 issue titled “50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time” Visit Chi Modu’s website for more images of this shoot & more!

The last time Chi worked with Tupac was December 1995, nine months before Tupac was fatally shot. It was on the rooftop of the Wyndham Belage Hotel, he was with his group, The Outlawz. He had just signed to Death Row Records. Find out more about the December 1995 shoot here