Kendrick Lamar 6ix9ine

Kendrick Lamar 2pac Hit Em Up Freestyle, 6ix9ine Responds

Kendrick Lamar Vs. 6ix9ine

Kendrick Lamar 6ix9ine

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Who heard #kendricklamar freestyle over #2pac #outlawz hit em up beat???

Not taking anything away from Kendrick but this was weak! You can’t freestyle over that beat like you’re half asleep or shy or whatever the hell was going on at the moment.

#6ix9ine freestyle, if that’s what you wanna call it was straight up trash! Garbage! #donkeyoftheday worthy. Lol

Who would win between #6ix9ine vs Kendrick …. talk about clout cashing…. I guess this is what 69 is looking for…


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