tupac biggie freestyle
Dream Hampton

24 Years Ago Tupac And Biggie Freestyle In New York Hotel

“I got my nigga B-I

“I got my nigga B-I to the G beside me”

tupac biggie freestyle
Dream Hampton

On April 4th 1994, Tupac was joined by his friend and fellow Hip Hop artist The Notorious BIG at Royalton Hotel in New York. The pair were hanging out, smoking blunts, drinking Tanqueray and even freestyle rapped together. This encounter was captured on video by filmmaker Dream Hampton.

The rare footage that was captured on this day remains treasured, to not just Tupac and Biggie fans but to music fans in general, as seven months later these two friends became enemies in what was called the East coast/West coast war, stemming from when Tupac was shot in a robbery attempt at Quad Studios and he accused Biggie and his crew of setting up the attack.

Speaking on this encounter with the two music icons, Dream Hampton gives her insight on the now legendary video “The two did some Gemini bonding, Pac practices some of his new lyrics on BIG over blunts and Hennessy. I videotaped the exchange with a brand new camera that Pac purchased”

She also caught a candid and raw conversation between the two friends; “Big, did I show you what I bought today” He pulls out a complicated gadget with wires and transistors. “A bug. From now on, bi*** wanna f*** me, I’m getting it all on tape. What you say? You wanna give me some pu***…repeat that” He moves closer to imaginary hoochie. “Whats that? You want to engage in consensual sex at my hotel room…”

“Or I could use it to hear niggas talking sh**. Put this little piece right here” he plants a microscopic bug under the hotel lampshade – “leave the room” – he actually leaves the hotel room- “hear ’em scheming on me and come back blasting. Blaow! Blaow! Blaow!” He practically kicks the door in as he re-enters! It’s not the first time I see Bishop, the haunting character from the movie Juice, remerge in Tupac” Dream Hampton recalls

Watch Tupac & Biggie Freestyle in Hotel

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