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Luniz Featuring Young Noble – One Nation

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One Nation

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The Ghetto Music Video

Luniz have released their fourth studio album titled No Pressure. Young Noble, 4Rax, Hippy Creed and Mistah F.A.B are some of the features on the album No Pressure. This won’t be the first time Yukmouth and Young Noble have collaborated to deliver a classic. The Ghetto was released last year over the Mobb Deep beat with visuals directed by Chase Los Angeles of Mechanicxfilmz.

This latest collaboration also features a familiar sound, that of the Tupac Hail Mary Beat. The song titled One Nation starts with Tupac mentioning artists he was looking to feature on his One Nation project. One of those artists included the Luniz. Tupac’s One Nation album unfortunately was never released.

The song One Nation is also set to be featured on the Outlaw Nation Vol. 5 mixtape on June 16, 2018.

Luniz have released the first single off the No Pressure album with a music video for the song No Pressure featuring Hippy Creed.