john cena undertaker unkoolbro
Screen Shot, WWE Raw

Screen Shot, WWE Raw

Thuganomics Returns

Word Life Vs. Biker Man

john cena undertaker unkoolbro
Screen Shot, WWE Raw

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*****SPOILER ALERT***** LOL I always wanted to do that! Wait. Is this considered a spoiler? Anyways.

OH, OHHHHHH, Wrestlemaniaaaaa.. (love that song) WrestleMania season is coming to an end on Sunday April 8th so let me get to the point. Not all the matches are set with only 9 days to go. Who would have thought one of those matches would involve Super Cena, John Cena. Remember when we was all hating on him and Vince before he turned to Hollywood.

I know, I know… its part of the build up and story line..BUT the question is not if the Undertaker shows up on RAW this Monday. The question is which Undertaker will show up??? Last WrestleMania after losing to Roman Reigns (I cringe) Undertaker in the middle left his Undertaker gear. Hat, gloves, etc. We all thought he retired. Well maybe the Undertaker did.

BUT, not all of the Undertaker. Biker Taker, remember him? Yes all the rumors are out there that this might happen and yes Kid Rock is going into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

My prediction is simple. This Monday on Raw we will get John Cena Mr. Thuganomics will return and challenge the Undertaker who will appear as the biker taker!!

No? Yes? What do you think??


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