Young Noble: Stop falling for the bait people!!!

Don’t mistake silence for weakness that will be your first mistake!

Young Noble
Quby Photography

Young noble released this statement via the Outlawz official facebook page addressing all the rumors.

I think it’s time for a interview addressing ALL the rumors & ALL the haters ALL at once! That’s what y’all want? I been grinding my ass off nonstop for over 20 years with nothing but dedication to this Outlaw shit!!! Last few months been a few people come out telling 100% lies & hate an y’all believe it?

Muthafuckaz will tell y’all I’m smoking crack & selling 2Pac verses an y’all believe that shit? I been a successful artist since I came in this game droppin project after project every year & touring every year makings tons of money consistently from my own music , my own label an my own grind I don’t need to steal or hate on anybody!

We still on we ain’t never fell off despite all the adversity we been through! We living in a era when grown men get on the internet hating on people for views & likes just tryna boost themselves up! None of that shit will ever stop my shine my talent is God givin an this hustle is in my blood! 1 interview I can drown ALL these haters at once with the TRUTH! But is it worth my time especially to a bunch of you muthafuckaz who believe anything you hear anyway?

Don’t mistake silence for weakness that will be your first mistake! I don’t entertain the internet goofy shit I’m out here in real life! So a real problem will be addressed accordingly! We in a era where a garbage artist can say some bullshit to get y’all attention an it makes headlines MORE than dope artist making great music! Stop falling for the bait people!!!

Your attention & energy is the POWER so give it to those who deserve it the artist out here making great music putting positivity & substance in this world not the internet attention whores!! Stop being sheeeeeeppp! Sincerely yours…….Young Noble #O4L

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