23 Years Ago It Was Tupac Against The World

“It’s Just Me Against The World Baby”

2pac Me Against The World
Me Against The World Front Cover

23 years ago, on March 14th 1995, Tupac’s third studio album Me Against the World was released. The album, which was released by Interscope Records, had a instant major impact on the chart, it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and stayed there for four weeks, selling over 240,000 copies in its first week. Although the album was recorded in 1993/1994, it was released while Tupac was serving his prison sentence.

The title Me Against the World was exactly that, Tupac against the world. However according to producer Moe Z.M.D. The album was originally going to be called Fuck the World, in relation to everything that was going on in Tupac’s life at that point.

In the years that he was recording the tracks on this album, Tupac was going through a turbulent time with the law. In 1993, there was a charge of an assault on a limo driver, he was then arrested for shooting two off-duty police officers.

In 1994, Tupac served 15 days in prison for assaulting a director, one of his songs called ‘Soulja’s Story’ was accused of inspiring a murder and then he was shot five times in a attempted robbery at a recording studio. He decided to go with the title Me Against the World as it was the same theme but not so harsh. As Tupac once said in an interview ‘It’s called Me Against the World. So that is my truth’

tupac me against the world album
Me Against The World Back Cover

Me Against the World consists of tracks that are thoughtful and sensitive such as ‘Dear Mama’ and ‘Can U Get Away’ and also tracks that have an eerie feeling to them such as ‘If I die 2Nite’, ‘Lord Knows’ and ‘Outlaw’ which reference Tupac being shot or being killed.

Three singles were released off the album ‘Dear Mama’ ‘So Many Tears’ and ‘Temptations’ . ‘Dear Mama’ a tribute to his mother Afeni and to all strong women and mothers would go on to be the most successful single from the album, peaking at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Platinum by the RIAA in July 1995.

Whilst Tupac was in prison, Me Against the World over-took Bruce Springsteen’s Greatest Hits as the best selling album in the United States and would later achieve multi platinum status.

“I think I did real deep with this album. As far as the success… I owe it to all my fans, I owe it to all the people who supported me. I think the reason being is that every album, if you go backwards and listen to the other albums I’ve put out, it was a prophecy. My music is spiritual if you listen to it. It’s all about emotion. It’s all about life… I tell my inner most darkest secrets, I reveal myself in every one of my records. From Dear Mama to ‘So Many Tears,’ I tell my own personal problems and people can relate to that I believe” Tupac Shakur.

Dramacydal would make their debut ironically on a song titled Outlaw and also on the song Me Against The World. Dramacydal consisted of E.D.I Mean, Kadafi, Napolean and Kastro.

Below is the official music video for ‘Dear Mama’ from the album Me Against the World.