Lil Xan Banned From Hip Hop After Tupac Comment

Lil Xan: Tupac Is Boring

tupac lil xan
Revolt Tv, Lil Xan

In a recent interview with Revolt Tv Lil Xan was asked to rate various topics such as Bitcoin and Face Tattoo. When asked about Tupac, Lil Xan gave Tupac a 2 out of 10. When asked why Lil Xan strugged his shoulders and said, “Boring music.”

Now we understand everyone is entitled to an opinion and if you make your opinion publicly then be prepared to accept others opinions about yourself as well. At the very least when giving your opinion show some respect to those who came before you in hip hop and not come off as completely ignorant.

Before Revolt Tv asked Lil Xan how would he would rate Tupac they asked what he felt about Drake’s Gods Plan song. Lil Xan would respond with a 8 rating for the song and when on to praise Drake as someone that has inspired Lil Xan. Nothing wrong with his opinion on Drake, but is this an example of what many call a “media trap”.

To their defense, Younger artists may be more in tune with artists from their generation as oppose to someone like Tupac. That is all understandable but it all comes down to knowing your history and facts. Would we ever hear Lebron James diss any past basketball legends such as Magic or Bird?

One can argue that Lil Xan and many other up and coming artist need to be prepped by the label on how to conduct interviews. Make them aware of the media “traps” that can occur during an interview. XXXTentacion made a similar mistake back in January 2018 Read – XXXTentacion, Tupac Is Not Better Than Me. The question is why prep them? In my opinion if you are true to yourself and true to the art why do you need to be prepped?

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After receiving extreme backlash for his Tupac comments Lil Xan has stated via twitter that he is done with interviews.

Lil Xan is under the impression that he is a victim. Is he really? Or perhaps he knows he messed up and doesn’t want to comment further on the matter. Back in the days interviews was meant to help the artists. Nowadays various shows who conduct interviews will “pull your card”. Which I personally think there is nothing wrong with that and if the interviewer is wrong then the truth will shine through your own words during the interview.

Wacka Flocka toke to twitter and declared Il Xan’s ban from hip hop which was followed by T.I’s approval stating “So Be It”. Wacka would go on to express his feelings towards Tupac.

Michael Rapperport also didn’t shy away from expressing his thoughts via his official Instagram account.

These comments about Tupac such as other comments made in the past obviously do not sit well with Tupac fans worldwide. By the way has Tupac ever taken over your body? Read – Tupac “Took Over” LaLa Kent’s Body. On a serious note, again it is ok to have an opinion but with respect. And no, violence is not the answer. Threatening or harming Lil Xan doesn’t prove your loyalty to Tupac. Do you think Tupac would want you to risk your life over ridiculous comments. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinion but we should keep it at that and respectfully.

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