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Ernest Dickerson Talks Juice Movie With Snoop Dogg

Ernest Dickerson who directed the movie Juice featuring Tupac Shakur recently spoke with Snoop Dogg on GGN.

Ernest Dickerson: Tupac Always Had A NoteBook, Writing In A Corner

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Ernest Dickerson who directed the movie Juice featuring Tupac Shakur recently spoke with Snoop Dogg on GGN. Dickerson reminisced about the chemistry the cast had which consisted of Tupac, Omar Epps, Jermaine Hopkins and Khalil Kain. Joking around and having a good time was the norm during the movie set.

Snoop also had his own memories to share when it came to the movie Juice. During the time period where he first met Tupac, Snoop went over to Tupac’s house. Tupac was cooking shrimp and a lot of Tupac’s comrades were in the house according to Snoop. “I think I came over to sell him some weed,” Snoop recollects. When asked by Tupac if he had seen the movie Juice, Tupac quickly handed snoop one of those large old school laser disc. “I was like this movie is hard,” Snoops reaction after watching the movie over and over again.

Dickerson would then break down the movie and how it eventually came to life. “It came from a bunch of places, it had been brewing around for a long time. We wrote the script around 81 82 but nobody wanted to make it. Nobody wanted to touch it. Everybody said forget about it youre never gonna get this made. So it sat on the shelf,” Dickerson explains to Snoop.

“There was a few places, There was a book that I grew up with called Manchild in the Pomised Land, Claude Brown. About this brother growing up in Harlem. Young gangster growing up in Harlem in the late forties early fifties. It was just kinda like a lot of what his life was like was a lot like what my life was like growing up Newark New Jersey. Living in the projects in Newark. So that always fansciatied me,” says Dickerson continues.

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He went on to speak about working his summer job at the post office early morning checking in at 6:59 because 7am would be late. Waking up early and catching the bus Dickerson would always see these kids ranging from ages nine, ten and eleven years old hanging out before the sun rised. “It looked like they was out all night long. I was like what were they doing all night. What kind of stuff were they getting into. I said there is a movie in that,” Dickerson says.

The interview and complete break down of the Juice movie can be seen below. Also Ernest Dickerson and Snoop talk about Tupac’s work ethic. Last year marked the 25th anniversary of the movie Juice debuting in theaters. In celebration a special Blu-ray has been released with exclusive behind the scenes footage. Take A Look Into The Movie Juice Via All Eyez On Tupac