Mike Tyson Tupac

Mike Tyson Enters Ring To Tupac’s Ambitionz Az A Ridah

February 22nd 2003, Mike Tyson used Tupac’s song Ambitionz Az A Ridah.

Mike Tyson, Ambitionz Az A Ridah

Mike Tyson Tupac

15 years ago, on February 22nd 2003, Mike Tyson used Tupac’s song “Ambitionz Az A Ridah”, off Tupac’s 1996 album All Eyez On Me as he entered the ring against Clifford “The Black Rhino” Etienne at The Pyramid in Memphis.

The fight was one of Tyson’s quickest ever knock outs, being awarded the victory after just 49 seconds of the first round and was Tyson’s last professional victory.

Mike and Tupac had a very good friendship, first meeting each other at a Brooklyn club in 1991. From that moment they sparked up a friendship that was special. Tupac and Mike had a lot in common, the anger and hurt, the underdog, ambition and the backlash from the press for having a bad boy image.

In 1992, while Mike Tyson was in prison, Tupac visited him. Speaking on the day Tupac visited him, Tyson says he had the prison going crazy, the other prisoners wanted to take pictures with him.

In December 1995, Tupac recorded “Ambitionz As A Fighter” a special song for Tyson to enter the ring. He did another song for Mike called “Road 2 Glory” in which Tyson entered the ring to, against his opponent Frank Bruno in March 1996. Then his final song he did for his close friend was called “Let’s Get It On” recorded September 6th 1996, for the Mike Tyson Vs Bruce Seldon fight on September 7th.

That night Tupac watched his friend Mike Tyson knock Seldon down twice in the first 90 seconds with the referee stopping the fight and announcing Tyson the victor. Later that night Tupac would be fatally shot in a drive-by shooting whilst sat in a car with CEO of Death Row Records Marion “Suge” Knight. Tupac would be left fighting for his life for six days, pronounced dead on September 13th 1996.

“He was different than any other rapper I had ever met from a philosophical perspective. He knew too much and learned too much in a short period of time. That could have been an overload. He was so attentive and so thuggish and street and then he’s so elegant. He was one of those enigma guys that you could never figure out. Maybe he couldn’t figure himself out. It’s such a rare thing to be different. Tupac was a beautiful guy, generous; that’s one of his greatest attributes that’s overlooked and underrated, his generosity” Mike Tyson summing up his close friend Tupac Shakur.


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