Roddy Ricch Interview
The Dinner Club

The Dinner Club

Roddy Ricch Interview Talks Rapping, Record Labels, NBA

Roddy Ricch joins the Dinner Club for an interview and talks Compton, Major Labels knocking on his door, Lakers and Clippers!

Roddy Ricch Interview, He Got Next!

Roddy Ricch Interview as he joins the Dinner Club to talk Compton, Major Labels knocking on his door, Lakers and Clippers!

“Egiht Years, I’ve been rapping for a long time. My song was to Rick Ross Push It To The Limit. That was like, I was like 8, but yea I’ve been rapping ever since that, but taking it serious like really sitting down like I gotta plan it this what Ima do, like I was sixteen, so like three years,” explains Roddy Ricch when asked how long he been rapping.

Roddy Ricch Interview aired on February 14, 2018. Click here to listen to the full episode.

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