Bokeem Woodbine Talks Tupac, Unsolved Series

Bokeem Woodbine Talks Relationship With Tupac

bokeem woodbine unsolved series tupac
USA Network, Unsolved Series

As the USA Network is set to premiere the Tupac and Biggie Unsolved series on February 27 @ 10PM/ET there is one familiar face involved in the anticipated series.

Actor Bokeem Woodbine who will play officer Daryn Dupree in the Unsolved series formed a relationship with Tupac back in 1994.

The two of them, Tupac and Bokeem met at the movie premiere for Jason’s Lyric in which Bokeem had a role in the movie.

Tupac and Bokeem would later have a chance to work together on the big screen in the movie Gridlock’d.Bokeem played the characted of Mud in the movie and appeared in one scene.

Bookem recently stopped by the Breakfast Club and talked about the movie Juice, how his relationship with Tupac started, new series Unsolved and the music video I Ain’t Mad At Cha. I Ain’t Mad At Cha was off of Tupac’s double album All Eyez On Me. The video was released after Tupac’s death in 1996 and featured Bokeem.

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