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Google is the latest major company to add its support to a ‘Universal Stylus’ initiative.

The Universal Initiative, or USI for short, launched in 2015 and its aim was to encourage companies to produce styluses that work on different products. Other companies who are on board with this project are Intel, Sharp, Lenovo, 3M Touch Systems and LG

Styluses designed to work with modern touch screen devices contain sensors that detect the pressure and movement of the pen. However, many companies sell a stylus that only works with their own hardware.

The USI say’s it wants to advance the development of an “open active stylus standard” which will store the user’s settings such as colour and stroke width. It also hopes that the new styluses will be able to change radio frequency if interference from other devices is detected, so the pen will always write smoothly.

“Our goal was to have a single, universal stylus capable of operating with all the devices that a consumer owns. The USI 1.0 Specification achieves this goal. The USI 1.0 Specification was developed with input and broad support from key industry players. Their close involvement will help ensure its rapid marketplace acceptance and implementation”, said Peter Mueller, USI chairman.