Happy Birthday Yaki Kadafi
Chi Modu

Outlawz Talk Kadafi, Tupac On Outlaw Radio

Back in 2011 Outlaw Radio aired every Friday nights at 9PM. Hosted by Branded and endorsed by the Outlawz, the weekly show brought a global culture together with music and entertainment.

On this particular night was dedicated to the late great Yaki Kadafi. Hussein Fatal, Young Noble and E.D.I Mean shared their stories about Kadafi and Tupac Shakur. Listen to the audio clip below from the Kadafi Night edition of Outlaw Radio.

“…he’ll leave the hood for months at a time…not knowing where this n**** was at, he come back with new boots, new leather coat, you know he was somewhere doing something…. every time he’d leave he’d be with pac.” – Young Noble